MyHanse Safety Cloud

Take your yachting experience to the next level by equipping your new vessel with the My Safety Cloud hardware

– available as an option in the yacht configurator, and including a 30-day free trial subscription. MyHanse Safety Cloud hardware is connected to onboard electronics and communicates via worldwide cellular networks. If a Hanse yacht is on the high seas, data is saved and processed as soon as it is within range of the cellular network. In this way, no data can be lost. For older Hanse models, the MyHanse Safety Cloud retrofit package is available from the online store or through a Hanse dealer. MyHanse Safety Cloud offers yacht owners features that greatly enhance handling, safety and fun on board.


Monitor all important devices

Has enough drinking water been bunkered? Is the diesel tank still full? Are the batteries fully charged? With MyHanse Safety Cloud, tank and battery levels can effortlessly be checked via smartphone. Sensors monitor all critical devices and battery levels on board. If critical values are fallen short of, the MyHanse Safety Cloud triggers an alarm. Hanse owners are informed via push notification to their smartphone and can therefore react instantaneously.
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Exactly when necessary

How many hours has the yacht sailed? How many hours was she under motor? When were the sea cocks and the anodes checked last? The answers to these questions are provided by the eService Book of the MyHanse Safety Cloud. The relevant information regarding all built-in parts and components is deposited in the app, as well as their maintenance intervals, especially those of engine and batteries. If any part needs to be exchanged or serviced, the Hanse owner receives a push notification on his smartphone. A service appointment can also be made with the responsible or the closest Hanse dealer directly via the app. The eService Book is automatically kept up-to-date and every Hanse yacht is therefore constantly with full service history in the case of a sale.

Download MyHanse Safety Cloud

Scan the QR code on your phone to go to the App Store or Google play and download the app to your smartphone.

Models without MyHanse Safety Cloud hardware

All manuals and documents are still available inside the MySafetyCloud app for no additional cost. All that you need to do is download the app and register an account.

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Upgrade for more features and support

You may purchase an upgrade kit and have it installed. Models upgraded with MyHanse Safety Cloud hardware support all digital sensor data and the features which take advantage of that data.

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