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Hanse Dealer Services

There Is More to a Hanse Than Just The Yacht

We want you to be able to enjoy your Hanse without any worries. That's why we have solutions that make your life easy. Concentrate fully on the pleasure that your yacht should give you. We'll take care of the rest.

Sea Trials

Embark on a journey of discovery with us, where dreams set sail. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond listings – we invite you to test the waters with our exclusive sea trials. Feel the power, grace, and opulence of your potential Hanse yacht firsthand, ensuring a perfect match before you make a decision. Contact us today to schedule your personalized sea trial and set course for a life of unparalleled yachting luxury.

Winter Storage

We provide excellent winter storage and service facilities, including transportation of your Hanse to and from the winter storage location. Every season, lots of yacht owners entrust us with their boats for winterization service and storage. With the support of our local partners and a wide range of official suppliers dedicated to maintenance work and refits, we can offer an unparalleled service that often exceeds customer expectations.

Private boat presentation

Discover the epitome of yachting sophistication during one of our private boat shows. Immerse yourself in a curated collection of opulent Hanse yachts, each a testament to maritime elegance. Our dedicated team invites you to experience these floating masterpieces firsthand, providing personalized insights and attention. Elevate your yachting aspirations – reserve your private boat show today and step into a world where luxury meets the water's edge.
Charter Hanse yachts in the most beautiful places on earth!

Experience the epitome of maritime indulgence with our charter and charter management service. Whether you are seeking a blissful getaway or aiming to offset the cost of yacht ownership through management, we have tailored solutions for every yachting enthusiast. Sail worry-free, revel in luxury, and let us handle the details. Contact us today to unlock a world of charter possibilities and seamless management.

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Step into a world of maritime opulence at our exclusive showrooms. Immerse yourself in the allure of luxury yachts, each Hanse a masterpiece in design and craftsmanship. Our showrooms are not just a display; they are an invitation to envision your nautical dreams coming to life. Visit one of our Partners' showrooms, or our showroom at the Greifswald factory today and let the sea-worthy sophistication of our vessels inspire your next voyage.

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Financial services

Financing options are widely utilized in Europe due to their creativity and tax advantages. Our experience in the recreational boating industry has shown us that these financing solutions are not only practical but also beneficial in helping customers kickstart their boating projects. To finance a Hanse, we provide financing options that meet your preferences for flexibility, security and simplicity. Choose from a variety of loan options to find the financing formula that best suits your needs.

Docking or berthing a boat


Anchor your Hanse in the lap of luxury with our exclusive berthing services. From coveted marinas to private docks, we offer prime locations tailored to your nautical desires. Trust us to provide not just a berth but a sanctuary for your vessel. Elevate your yachting experience – contact us today and ensure your Hanse has a home as extraordinary as her journeys.

We are Hanse!

Made in Germany, available worldwide. Wherever you live or sail, there is one of our sales partners near you. Their individual professional advice will help you realise your life's dream to perfection. And they offer a wide range of services to ensure that you are completely satisfied before, during and after your decision to buy a Hanse.

Maxim Neumann - Vice President Sales