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German quality

Since its founding, our Greifswald shipyard has stood for excellent yacht building, as evidenced by the numerous awards for our yachts. Based on our philosophy of state-of-the-art innovation, with passion, precision and thoroughness, we build every sailing yacht using the latest manufacturing techniques. Each Hanse is carefully finished by our highly motivated team. And each new model is tested at sea to ensure it meets our rigorous standards. Only when we are sure that all criteria have been met does a new Hanse go into series production. Because we want happy owners.

Production engineering

The Forerunners of Yacht Building

Our shipyard is home to professionals passionate about yacht building. Their commitment and expertise, supported by state-of-the-art construction and production methods, ensure that every Hanse can make a dream come true.

Hanse - Your Yacht of Choice

Hanse stands for German craftsmanship, quality and reliability. Hanse yachts combine style with speed and safety. Each yacht is designed for easy handling and harmoniously combines family-friendly features with high-performance capabilities and comfortable sailing. In addition to their elegant design, Hanse yachts offer unrivalled value and are the epitome of durability and effortless sailing.

More Than Just a Series Yacht

With seaworthiness for extended voyages, Hanse integrates the easy-sailing and fast-cruising concept into modern yacht designs. Features such as the high rig, the single-rope reefing system and the self-tacking jib emphasise the consistent implementation of our philosophy. Delve deeper and discover the wide range of customisation options: from interior layouts and fabrics to keel and engine variants.