Breaking rules, setting trends


Building a Hanse yacht goes far beyond mere assembly. It is about maximum seaworthiness and precision, supported by the use of innovative technology. Our comprehensive engineering approach encompasses every element - from the aquadynamic hull and state-of-the-art navigation systems to the substructures. Quality and stability are indispensable at sea. And they are essential core values of Hanse. Just like the sailing and handling characteristics that ensure the typical fast cruising and easy sailing of all Hanse yachts.

Unyielding Keel-Hull Connection


The robust keel-hull connection is an essential safety feature for high seaworthiness. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components ensure that the keel is firmly anchored in the yacht's solid floor construction. This ensures the typical stability that characterises all Hanse yachts in this area too.

Waterline Design - Speed Through Elegant Geometry

Our sailboats have an optimized waterline at different heeling angles. This design promises - and delivers - superior speed on a variety of courses, underscoring Hanse's commitment to exceptional performance.

Optimal waterline design

One-Piece Composite Bulkhead


All composite bulkheads are manufactured as single pieces using vacuum infusion. The result is a structure of exceptional stability, seamlessly reinforcing the hull, floor, and deck, leaving no room for compromise in the yacht's durability.

An Oasis of Calm

The Silent Master Cabin in the Hanse 548 and 588 models takes onboard well-being to new heights. It is designed for maximum noise insulation, ensuring an ambience of tranquil seclusion and relaxation after a day at sea.

Master Cabin

Pre-Balanced Rudder


Hanse's pre-balanced rudder design places a portion of its blade ahead of the pivot point, maximising both safety and agility. This design lessens the helm's effort, while the large surface area provides effective control.